29. (Eng.) Dealing with Corona Issues

I wrote this blog in Dutch at the end of March. However, I think, it still can be of importance to readers at the end of May.

Never before has mankind had the opportunity, in such large numbers, to ascend to a higher, more luminous level, where the qualities derived from spirituality can manifest themselves. Because the COVID-19 pandemic appeals to those qualities, every human being on Earth can take a step in the spiritual direction.

The corona crisis has made it clear that it is not true that we are isolated individuals who can lead our own private lives. There is an invisible cohesion and connection between people, primarily through the tiny virus itself.

Of course, I hope my readers are healthy and have not (yet) fallen ill to the virus. There are good ways to support your immune system in order to cope with a viral infection and achieve a swift recovery.

Recently Lynne McTaggart (see blog 25) described in her blog (https://lynnemctaggart.com/beating-the-coronavirus-as-simple-as-a-b-c/) which remedies can help minimize symptoms of future viral infections, including Covid-19. She quoted doctors from the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine who insist on taking certain supplements, namely:
Vitamin C: 3000 mg daily, divided over different doses.
Vitamin D3: 2000 IU daily (start with 5000 IU for two weeks)
Magnesium: 400 mg daily                                                                                                             
Zinc: 20 mg daily
Selenium: 100 mcg daily.

All these vitamins and minerals have been proven to strengthen the immune system against viruses. Recently, in China high doses of vitamin C have been used in the treatment of corona patients. Read more about this on Lynne McTaggart’s website: https://lynnemctaggart.com/a-cheap-cure-for-the-coronavirus/.

What else could you do? Don’t forget what you can bring about with your thinking power, for yourself and for others. On the one hand, your thoughts can strengthen your own physical system (blog 28). On the other hand, you could ask for help from ‘the field’, on behalf of both yourself and others (blog 27).

To avoid infection, or to strengthen your immune system when you are infected, you can do a meditation, as follows.

Sit or lie down and start to relax by concentrating on your breathing. Become aware of your whole body. First, focus on the parts that are sick or feel uncomfortable, then bring to your attention those parts of your body that feel healthy or at least okay. Then move your attention to your heart and form a picture of yourself in perfect health. Take your time for this – pay attention to all the details as you review how good you feel when you are healthy, and evoke those sensations.

Then focus on your heart again. You might have made contact with your higher self. Does that reassure and encourage you? Or do you still find a smaller self, confronted with its own fear?

This should not be surprising. As people are scared to be infected by Covid-19, a collective field of fear has arisen. Fear is everywhere in the air and is even more contagious than the virus itself.
Just as you have to work on the immune system of your physical body, it is necessary to strengthen your resistance to fear, to that collective fear, in an individual process.

That is the challenge. Each of us is triggered by something that can, will or must lead to one or more steps further in exploring what life is essentially about. In short: this challenge leads to spiritual growth.

But what if you’re actually sick? Then it may be difficult to concentrate on the above meditation, for are you still able to look at yourself from a distance, without fear?
Then it becomes important to surrender and trust in the strength of your body and your soul – no matter what the outcome of the illness may be. You can be apprehensive or anxious, but you don’t have to be afraid…

As you will notice: not only the virus and the fear are contagious; the love that is present on Earth and beyond is also contagious!

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