33. (Eng.) Being aware of Oneness

As I wrote in my latest blogs, we are living in dark times, where the trick is to ‘keep your head cool and your heart warm’. Opening yourself to unity consciousness can help. When you succeed, you can stand more firmly on your feet. You won’t be blown away by any threatening breeze.

For me, it is also more difficult now to think clearly, to feel lucid and to find words for my insights. That is, in this second half of 2020, because of the heaviness in the atmosphere. No one can escape it. An astrological interpretation I could offer for this:

Currently, Saturn, Pluto and Mars are still giving space to unimaginably distressing energies that are influencing mankind and the developments on Earth. Considering the positions of these planets, it is advisable to be (even) more conscious in life than in the past (See blog 31 and 32).

Let’s try to imagine what will come next, when 2021 begins. Saturn and Jupiter will (finally) have left the sign of Capricorn and entered the sign of Aquarius. This will make it easier to respect each other and be open to new, positive developments.

Try this by turning inwards – and not giving in to negative trends in mass consciousness. In this way you can keep (or get) in touch with the deeper layers of your personal existence. I concluded the previous blog with a reference to the planet Neptune which can help with this.

Neptune has been travelling through its own sign of Pisces since 2012 and this will continue until 2026. This is a long period of time, during which it will be easier to make contact with that large field of consciousness for which many names exist. Names that vary from those for a personified God to very abstract names. But what is most important here is not the name of this field, but the experience of it. Your eyes cannot see the oneness, but you can ‘perceive’ or ‘experience’ it.

Picture Wim

There are two ways to look at ‘unity consciousness’.
In the first place, I think of mystics and others who once had a spiritual peak experience – so profound that it fundamentally changed their lives.

Secondly, it could be a space of consciousness for you, an experience of oneness to reach out to. Even if you are not that far yet, it is more than worthwhile to consider it as your foreland, a level to align with.

Another way to familiarize yourself with unity consciousness is to use your imagination to create a platform that you experience as ‘your oneness consciousness’. Do it in such a way that you experience joy and compassion for many others … from that platform you can look with more distance at what is happening on Earth, and thus also at what is happening in your environment.

This is especially effective when – in meditation or in prayer – you become aware of that field of unity. As soon as you enter there and sense what you are perceiving, you’ve taken the first step needed to experience that specific energy. It can take you further along your path. Your mind becomes calmer and feelings of love, gratitude and joy present themselves – and let’s not forget the added benefit of strengthening your immune system!

You may happen to make contact with the oneness consciousness – even if only a hint of it – and to experience which panoramas open up on what the future might bring. At the same time, you could tap into sources that provide you with the insights and energy that prepare you for that new world, so that you may undertake actions that resonate with your personal energy.

There is something that fills me with hope, namely that this is already happening: after this year’s events, so many people have been ‘waking up’. Large numbers of men and women are making different choices to reshape their lives — or they create something, an initiative, that is completely novel. While this may seem to occur independently, there are always personal processes underpinning these projects.

In everyday practice, unity consciousness turns out to be a point of reference. Over and over again, you realize that all people are essentially connected at the level of the quantum field, or of the ‘psychic internet’. The fact that Neptune is travelling through its own sign for a longer period of time certainly provides support in this matter.

32. (Eng.) Astrological Perspective II

Sometimes, in this day and age, you might think: how ‘strange’ and disturbed I feel, perhaps even unhappy. This is not only because of ‘Corona’, but also because we are on our way to unsuspected horizons. Astrological interpretations point the way.

The planetary positions of Pluto and Mars show an urgent call from the cosmos to live (even) more consciously. Let’s seize the opportunities that arise on Earth in these last few months of 2020. At the same time, let us be prepared for the enormous unrest we can expect, individually and collectively.

Astrologers are studying how the current constellations are affecting what is happening on our planet. They see tendencies that can develop for better or for worse. And they offer consciously-living people the tools with which they can anticipate what is to come, in order to better cope with it.

Heather Ensworth is such an astrologer. She also has an eye for the spiritual domain. I am borrowing my blog-theme from her video posted at the end of June, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWGE_ezCFCE&feature=youtu.be, in which she remarks a.o. the following.

Mars, the planet of readiness for action and use of force, runs from the end of June to the beginning of January 2021 (extremely long) through its own sign of Aries. This fact reinforces the manifestation of Mars characteristics, in the world and among people themselves.
Furthermore, from August 1 to January 6, 2021, Mars makes a square aspect with the planet Pluto. A square aspect (90°) stands for challenge and tension. This means that Pluto and Mars intensify each other’s action in this period.

Spiritually, Pluto is ‘the higher octave of Mars’. Pluto is the planet that stands for transformation, regeneration and reversal of values. Mars stands for ‘crisis in action’. Together they incite consciously-living people to reflect and introspect, to let go of old themes and structures, and to actually seize opportunities for renewal and transformation.

A positive effect of Mars in the sign of Aries is a willingness to take risks. However, negative effects become visible when people give in to impulsivity, reactivity, anger and -in the worst case- to aggression and violence. We’ll get to see the full spectrum of all these possible manifestations.

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Those who consciously deal with the effects of Pluto and Mars energies are the observers involved. They have an eye for the deceptiveness of the apparent and for the serious tendencies that take place underneath. They do this for the Earth and for society, because it is high time to change course. And also for themselves, so as not to become even gloomier about the situation, but to grow through it instead.

I notice that I myself am in the middle of this process. Even if I see with my mind what may be going on, it is a challenge to feel the depth of what is happening. As long as you are still in the process, you cannot imagine what the outcome will be. However, as soon as I realized that a completely new frame of experience could present itself – one which puts everything in a new light – I grew very happy.

One cannot help but accept what is happening. By accepting – and perhaps fathoming – quantum-thinking, we assume that all matter is ultimately energy. That is why it makes sense to contribute to generating a more positive energy field.

An increase of the frequencies, and of the coherence of the energies in ‘the quantum-field’, makes it possible for more compassion and harmony to be experienced and passed on. (See also Blog 26, Mind over Matter).
When you focus on love, compassion and harmony in your meditations or prayers, you contribute to raising those frequencies!

What is helpful at this time (2012-2026) is that the planet Neptune is running through its own sign of Pisces. Heather Ensworth devoted a video to this fact at the end of August: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y5pNlbEJq0&feature=youtu.be. If we are open to it, Neptune makes us aware of the field of oneness and gives us perspective on deep wisdom and unconditional love.

And, says Heather Ensworth, make sure to handle it well! Don’t allow yourself to be tempted to escape and wander off, instead put your deeper wisdom into practice on the path you are taking at this moment and in this period. There is always another challenge awaiting you.

Reservation 1: astrologically there is of course much more to tell about the present time.

Reservation 2: it depends on your birth chart how and to what extent the aspects mentioned affect you personally.

Remark 3: if you are watching one of the Heather Ensworth videos, click on the square, the leftmost icon at the bottom right, to simultaneously see the spoken words on the screen.