30. (Eng.) Learning from Corona Issues

To be ready for the spiritual step that each of us is taking under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic (see blog 29), it is first of all important to know what to do with negative emotions. You don’t have to deny those emotions, but they shouldn’t control you either. You are the leader of your life, not the one suffering from life itself.

There are a few simple hand holds that can help you regulate your emotions. I have derived these from the energetic healing system Jin Shin Jyutsu, originally from Japan. I also apply them myself. The hand holds not only help to counter negative emotions, they also help to evoke the opposite emotions, and to become more positive.
This is how it goes: With one hand, loosely hold the thumb or one of the fingers of the other hand, for at least a few minutes, and when necessary much longer and more often.

– Thumb – from anxiety – to contentment (element earth)
– Index finger – from fear – to trust (element water)
– Middle finger – from anger – to friendliness (element wood)
– Ring finger – from sadness – to joy (element metal)
– Little finger – from falsehood and ‘pretending’ – to self-esteem and intuition (element fire)
– Palm of hand – from despair – to inner harmony (element fire; cover the palm with the four fingers of the other hand).

Using your hands in this way is beneficial for your mind, just as a massage of your feet by a foot reflexologist is beneficial for your physical body. Applying this, you consciously let your negative emotions fade away. By holding a finger, you influence its meridians (energetic channels that deal with certain emotions), bringing them into balance. Meridians are essential in acupuncture and acupressure.

When any meridian is touched, your (watchful) consciousness will make contact with your unconsciousness, the area where your emotions reside. It is important that you become aware of the impact of your emotions. Do they come from yourself? Are they triggered by what is happening in the world? Is it necessary to undergo these negative emotions?
In my opinion, you can also use the effect of the hand holds to evoke positive feelings.

Picture Wim Ridder

Positive feelings for what? For yourself? For your environment? For humanity as a whole? For the Earth? Yes, all of that. Simultaneously, you open yourself to what is at hand in your subconscious, which brings you closer to yourself and your higher consciousness. (For me: unconsciousness = subconscious + higher consciousness.)  In this time of being thrown upon our own resources, it is important that people start reflecting on their lives.

When enough people take that step towards reflection (and meditation), the higher consciousness of many is triggered and a new energetic layer is activated among human beings. In the ‘collective unconsciousness’, a shift is occurring, in the sense that a collective step is being taken towards experiencing ‘lighter’, finer vibrations, more subtle energies.
This means that many more people will be able to connect to, and be supported by that ‘enlightened’ collective field. They acquire new insights and apply them in everyday life.

New insights? I am by no means the first nor the only one to express this idea, or actually a certain knowing, that humanity is being challenged to finally understand that all life forms on earth are interconnected, because they form one huge living network. As human beings, we must work together within that network, rather than thwarting – or even abusing – other life forms for the sake of financial profit.

This had all gone too far … it was as if we were busy sawing away at the very foundations that hold up our earthly life. “No!”, says the Earth, and probably the Cosmos, “this cannot go any further, and we’ll make sure you feel it through this virus. It forces you to jump off the treadmill and give some serious thought to all the problems that are currently affecting your planet. At last this is possible, as you are all forced to stay at home right now.”

Although the coronavirus prevents us from being physically close, the mutual energetic connection has become all the stronger. And mentally, we make all the more contact with each other over the internet. One could say that an internet of souls is emerging and is manifesting itself clearly: that is the spiritual side of current developments. We are witnessing a spiritual evolution …

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