About me

In September 2016 I started writing this blog Light Work(s), so as to pursue the goal that is very important in my life: contributing to a growing awareness of the powers and energies that surround us.

Light always works, whether it is visible or invisible. People who consciously wish to cooperate with the visible light and the invisible light (= energy) are involved in Lightwork and are lightworkers. As a human moves forward on this path, the work gets lighter – it becomes light work.

Ever since I was young, I have been interested in subjects concerning the invisible reality. Over the years, my interest was drawn to the Advaita Vedanta, anthroposophy, astrology, environmental consciousness and to several spiritual paths. Eventually, I decided to devote myself to ‘Awakening Your Light Body’, which I started practicing in 1999; some time later, I began to offer meditations courses to small groups.

I broadened my horizons to questions around death and near-death-experiences. I also studied outlooks on how the visible material world might be interwoven with the invisible immaterial world. Several insights are well-founded and give room to renewing perspectives on ourselves as beings living on planet Earth.

In addition, I enjoy sharing my experience in the field of meditation, as well as breathing and exercises for the body which can enhance well-being and longevity.

I grew up in the city of Tilburg, in the Netherlands, and studied social geography in Utrecht, before training to be a yoga teacher in the seventies. From 1986–1999 I was a correspondent for the International Environment Reporter, published by the Bureau of National Affairs, and I initiated and was responsible for the Platform for Sustainable Development in Breukelen (1995-2001).

Born Margaretha Ester van Maren, I was called Marja van Maren as a child. Since 1980 I have been known as Maj Ridder.