37. (Eng.) The Climate and Us

This time I want to tie in with the theme of ‘climate change’, which is now in the spotlight due to the International Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow, from October 31 to November 14, 2021. However, not before have I struggled so much with bringing together a blog theme and ‘light’ in all its meanings. Yes, you might object, but has the climate has anything to do with a spiritual theme? That’s just how you look at it.

The consequences of the increasing warming of the global atmosphere are so gigantic that every human being living in luxury should take notice. Among other things, to take care of the less fortunate, who in many parts of the world are already affected by the negative consequences of climate change. I won’t elaborate on those facts and stories now, because they are amply covered in newspapers and on television.

When I was working as an environmental correspondent in the 1990s, I was already getting a pretty urgent picture of the climate issue and the calamity that global warming could bring. Now, 25 years later, we are in the midst of the effects of that warming, which has already begun.

When I quit my International Environment Reporter correspondence job in 1999, this firm conviction had taken root in me: if people do not internalize the problems of the environment on earth, it is questionable whether we can halt global warming and other environmental threats in time.

Now that we are more than 20 years down the road, thankfully many people have become aware of environmental issues. Climate change is felt as a pressing threat and all over the world – especially in companies and individuals – the challenge is enthusiastically taken up.
It is important that hopefully, during the conference in Glasgow, a global cooperation between 195 countries will give a boost to real solutions.

Photo Wim RIdder

In my opinion, now is the time to add an extra dimension to that internalization.

For whom are we actually working to stop climate change? For ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, or also for several generations that come after us? How about if we ourselves were part of those ‘generations to come’?

To put it frankly, if we would realize that we have come to this earth for many consecutive lifetimes, and therefore will be confronted with the consequences of current climate change in a future life, wouldn’t the incentives to actually do something about it be much greater?

It may be hard for some to digest when I say that as souls we come back to earth on repeat. So far, for many it has been a bridge too far to think like that.

If you are able to allow that thought to enter your mind, then consider the miraculous developments that are taking place today, for better or for worse. And what that means for you personally and especially for you as a soul. What new insights have these developments given you? What can you take with you to your next life?

When you tap into another ‘layer of being’ in yourself in this way, an attitude of great concern can turn into an attitude of deep compassion. From that compassion you can sympathize with what is happening in Glasgow. For example, by setting an intention every day and spending 10 minutes on it:

My/our intention is that people worldwide be aware of the urgent need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and be willing to act accordingly, for their own well-being and safety, and that of others, in the present and future..

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