41. (Eng.) Energy Medicine: Korotkov

In the near future we will increasingly come across ‘energie medicine’. This is healing focused on experience and knowledge of energies in and around our bodies. An already well-accepted form of energy medicine is, for example, acupuncture.

In the course of my life I have benefited from various alternative health treatments, such as naturopathy, homeopathy and kinesiology, all of which influence the human body. I was often happy to notice that, on a subtle level, my body was helped to overcome certain disorders. I might also achieve this result by applying methods from self-help books.

Another name for alternative medicine is complementary medicine. The above types of treatments can be used in a preventive/curing way or in a complementary way –  depending on the health problem the client is dealing with.
When a condition is not yet serious and only limits well-being, an alternative approach in itself may suffice to start feeling better and even recover. When a person already suffers from an illness and goes to the regular doctor, the combination of medical treatment and complementary works very well.

Alternative and complementary medicine methods are based on some form of working with energy. Hence the name energy medicine: these methods seek to bring more balance into the energy patterns. of the client of patient, For, when someone has to deal with health problems, there is always a disturbance in the energy pattern. (Think of the meridian system or the chakra system).

Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov developed a special technique to subtly visualize a person’s energy balance on the computer screen. Korotkov built on Kirlian photography and from there developed a system to analyze human health, physically and mentally (https://tcche.org/speaker/konstantin-korotkov/).

In the 1950s, Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina had already managed to capture in photographs the radiation of living tissue, for instance, of hands or the leaves of plants. This was a previously unknown phenomenon for most people.

PIcture Wim

Decades later, Korotkov managed – thanks to new technical developments and the boost in computer capabilities – to capture and “translate” this aura in “real time”. He uses the fingers of the hands to make analyses. By accurately locating on which part of the fingers which radiation occurs, and using an ingenious calculation system, Korotkov is able to draw up energy analyses that are helpful for doctors and healers when making diagnoses.

The technique was called Electrophotonic Imaging, abbreviated as EPI, and is currently called Bio-Well analysis. It is a pioneering approach for direct imaging the human energy system. It requires a specially developed camera. The highly sophisticated software analyzes where there is a deficiency in the energy system. Korotkov himself explains and clarifies his method in this 2020 YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNfdyreg4Ps. Highly recommended!

In this film, he says radiation is a phenomenon at the quantum level: the human skin emits infinitely tiny light particles or ‘biophotons’, which are ‘waves’ at the same time. Fingers encompass the highest concentrations of blood vessels and nerves. Our sensitive fingers, he explains, receive direct information from the brain that knows the condition of organ systems and the like. So the fingers represent a quantum image of the complete body.

To develop his analyzing system, Korotkov made use of the knowledge of two German doctors who had designed their own analytic system based on the Chinese teachings on meridians.
Korotkov says he is sure that the outcomes of his system make sense, because in the course of 25 years, he has compared his own data with those collected in hospitals of Russia and major western countries. He found a correlation of 85 percent.

Konstantin Korotkov was a professor in computer science and biophysics at St. Petersburg University. For many years he was also president of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB). He is the author of a large number of books and scientific articles, and is very active in promoting his findings and ideas in the field internationally.

His research work and interest also concerned the potentialities of mind and consciousness. See, for example, his book “The Energy of Life”, a new edition of which came out in 2021. A sentence in the epilogue, ‘Be aware of the power of your mind, do not be afraid to use it in everyday activity, accept your life as a precious gift, as a present from God, as a unique adventure, and project your positive thoughts and visions to the future.’

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