45. (Eng.) The Earth in Transition

The ‘nature’ of the Earth is changing. We can either cooperate with it or resist it. Cooperating means being open to the unmistakable signs of a profound change, a transition.

We are living in an extraordinary, unprecendented time. It is very rare to experience something like this. Several times I have pointed out that “new energies are coming to the Earth”, for I came across inspiring scientists who discovered this “influx”. One of them is Rory Duff.

His observation is that subtle energies are increasing on our Earth. Duff says this is because magnetic fields around the planet are decreasing in strength. As a result, the Earth –  and we ourselves –  are being exposed to more energetic, possibly positive radiation from the sun and the galaxy.
This is no coincidence, according to Duff, because – according to several sources –  we are living in a prolonged period of transition (see also Blog 42. The Greater Perspective).

Rory Duff is a British geobiologist who for many years – along with many assistants – has been mapping out where, and what types of energy lines (leylines) and energy networks, can be found in England and elsewhere in the world. He also records the power of the intersections in those networks.

Duff discerns several types of leylines, roughly divided into five categories. Type-1 lines have a limited energetic radiation, compared to the type-5 lines, which are extraordinarily wide, deep and powerful. Duff has a special interest in those type-5 lines, of which there are six in total.

Why? Because at the intersections of these six lines, at four crucial moments in the year, extraordinary shifts in energy level can be felt and noticed. The perceived harmony lasts longer after each such moment, until that harmony becomes permanent and will then have a special impact on the entire Earth. Read on as I try to explain.

Image Wim Ridder

First, a few words about sensing and perceiving those energetic shifts. This is done by people who know how to work with the dowsing rod. Encouraged and instructed by Rory Duff, they developed a special sense for what can be perceived in terms of subtle energies and frequencies in the upper layers of our Earth. Decades earlier, Duff – as a young geologist – had been introduced to the dowsing method as a tool for investigating the Earth’s layers.

Rory Duff calls the six type-5 leylines “Emperor Dragon Lines”. They each encircle the entire Earth. He discovered three of them around 2012, a fourth in 2017, and the last two in 2018/2019.
The lines appear to be increasing in width and depth. At certain locations they intersect: at intersection spots. There are 20 such intersections, or power sites, seven of which are on land. One is in southern Spain, the place where Duff has carried out most of the observations.

Years ago, he started organizing group meditations at that location, especially around the day and night of the equinoxes and solstices, to allow participants to experience the special energies in that place.
What did they become aware of? At those moments, the energy seemed to shift, as the lines’ frequencies became synchronous, or aligned. The energy was (and is) experienced as subtle and pure, and the participants felt (and feel) ‘uplifted’.

10 years ago, this particular vibration lasted only half a day. But, since 2012, each time the synchronic period has become progressively longer. Rory Duff has been meditating with larger and larger groups at said times. All of this is obviously much more complex than how I am describing it here.

The alignment of frequencies begins on the day preceding March 21, June 23, September 23 or December 21, and now lasts for several days. In January 2022 it was 14 days; in February 2023 it was already 27 days.
If you extrapolate this trend, Duff says, by December 2024 the synchronization may remain present until the next time. Which would mean that the phenomenon would become continuous, that is to say, permanent.

Rory Duff supposes that the increasing harmony in energy will spread across the Earth via the leyline networks. He is convinced that this phenomenon carries a deeper message. The Earth’s transition may help humanity transit into a new era.

For more information, watch the interviews of astrologer Heather Ensworth with Rory Duff:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNirK0UNV1s and

Or read his book “A Guide to Leylines, Earth Energies, Nodes & Large Vortexes,” 2nd Edition, or any of his other books. His website is https://roryduff.com/.