44. (Eng.) Outlook for 2023

If you are open to the idea that what happens on Earth is related to the positions of the sun, moon and planets, read on. As you know, I try to understand and “translate” insights from astrologers.

They expect this year 2023 to hold very different potentials to previous years. However, to make those potential changes a reality, our decisiveness should contribute to the developments we desire.

In recent years, well-intentioned people have been quite challenged: it has been difficult to keep a cool head and stay positive. This year, it becomes easier to do so, as the planets create better energetic conditions, so to speak.

The potentials lie in a shift from the dominant patterns of “power over”, control, greed and polarization to a situation of more sincere, balanced patterns of cooperation, openness and mutual respect. These changes may well occur faster than we think is possible.

However, I would advise you not to expect that all the heaviness that still burdens the world will be gone by the end of this year.

Still, at an individual level, you will have the chance to let go of outdated patterns of thought and behavior. You can expect enlightening insights as you attune to the renewing energies offered to us Earthlings from the Cosmos.

Everything within us may be touched: our body and our psyche, as well as our spiritual consciousness. Negative beliefs and feelings need no longer dominate us. Our ego becomes a powerful tool that enables us to operate meaningfully on Earth.

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Behind the scenes, opportunities for improvements are beginning to announce themselves. One major opportunity is that the aspect of tension between “form planet Saturn” and “freedom planet Uranus,” will come to an end in early March. I described this square aspect in blog 40. (Eng.) Saturn and Uranus in 2022.
For three years, this constellation has had an imprint on many problem areas in the world: first it was Covid, then the war in Ukraine, followed by numerous abrasive issues between people and institutions.
Opportunity: from ‘thinking in dualities’ to ‘seeking commonalities’.

Then, towards the end of March, we might start seeing the first glimmers of the Aquarian Age, when the “transformation planet Pluto” enters the sign of Aquarius, temporarily for a few months. In this period seeds can be ‘planted’, as it were, for desired transitions in all kinds of areas, seedlings that may come to maturity in the coming years.
Opportunity: from feelings of ‘separation’ to awareness of ‘connection’.

A clear aspect of the Aquarian Age will be the search for balance between the (currently predominant) masculine and the (suppressed) feminine in all its facets. The planetary positions will foster this, starting in the month of May.

Softer, feminine forces will manifest, which will make more and more people truly concerned about the precarious condition of continents and oceans. The protection of biodiversity, soil and nature will be better addressed. All of this is essential for our survival.

To make this possible, it is important that people like you and me reflect on that necessary shift from masculine to feminine values. So, we participate in the ‘indigenization’ of those values into the collective field.
Opportunity: from ‘thinking of dominance’ to ‘being active from compassion’.

I encourage you to make space in your mind, to be able to receive the new energies and to allow your mind to be charged up with them. It is a matter of tuning in. This works better when you first “clear” your own energy, by spending time in nature, taking time to rest, meditate and come into your core.

Finally, enjoy the good sides of life as the days grow longer and we receive more and more visible light — as well as ‘invisible’ light. What is that invisible light? The higher frequencies of energy, vibrations that – if we are open to them – will help us take a step forward.

If you want to learn more, you could view the Astrological Overview of 2023 as given by Heather Ensworth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wNMDl1plUE, or Themes for 2023 as given by Pam Gregory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SEP8w_AX1s.
Or let yourself be inspired by Heather’s conversation with Pam Gregory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnSsqrKXZM8.