42. (Eng.) The Greater Perspective

Let’s imagine a larger time perspective here on our planet Earth, a timespan of tens of thousands of years. What might that bring us? If we assume that the Earth is going through a continuous process of evolution, then individual humans must also experience such a process – in fact, so must humanity as a whole. When we are aware of this, we can live our present lives – amidst current world events.

I have already covered the larger perspective of developments on Earth in Blog 31. (Eng.) Astrological Perspective I. The developments on Earth comply with the character of the successive epochs of about 2100 years.

As we know, we are now in the Age of Pisces, which has been in effect since the beginning of our era. In the foreseeable future we will be entering the Aquarian Age (there is no agreement on exactly when). Each age is colored by the characteristics of a sign of the zodiac.

Imagine the Earth, in one long cycle, passing through all 12 zodiac signs before returning to the point of exit. This happens over a span of 24,000 to 26,000 years (the ‘precession cycle’). Think of an ellipse that has a ‘route out’ and a ‘route back’. And see before you how the Earth moves very slowly from one end of the ellipse to the other, and returns again very slowly.

What is so special now: in our current age – and I am talking about centuries – the Earth has begun that retreat. According to several ancient sources, that recent reversal says something about the spiritual evolution of humanity. Since that turning point, sometime in the 19th century, the level of consciousness among humans is supposedly on the rise again, after having declined for about 12,500 years.

Now, after that ‘downwards’ period that led to a purely materialistic way of thinking, a sense of the spiritual reality behind that material reality is gradually returning. Humanity can begin to draw on spiritual sources, which became largely unknown for a long time.

This is an exciting perspective which we can all lean on. Because it means that we are now living in extraordinarily difficult times for a reason, as we move into a whole new era that will bring changes of unprecedented significance. Change is breaking through thanks to the crises we are suffering.

So have faith in the outcomes of this tumultuous process, for we – in my opinion – are being guided by higher, energetic forces that we cannot name, but which are certainly there.

Image Wim Ridder

I hereby encourage you to attune to those forces. I suggest you decide to consciously devote your lifetime to this new perspective, and to pursue spiritual initiation and transformation.

It is important to engage in such spiritual processes, as we human souls ‘grow’ through our lives on Earth. We experience new lives again and again, as our soul spark reincarnates many times in a body on Earth. We then begin a new course of life with very different challenges, at a very different time. In terms of talents, etc., we start where we left off in the previous body.

When you become aware of this, you realize that you have participated in history on Earth in very different eras. And you may also look forward to the lives hereafter with positive expectation. For future eras will again look very different from the present one. There will undoubtedly be more use of technology, but in addition people will possess qualities that only a few are endowed with today.

What does it mean for your present life? I would say: anticipate that future and at the same time make the most of your opportunities and possibilities at present – to serve the Earth, society and yourself. However, if you are not in balance, you cannot serve society. So be aware and take care of your well-being, in body, mind and spirit.

This is not an easy choice. Of course, we are constantly faced with that field of tension between ‘clinging to the old’ and ‘being open to new’. It takes courage to face this challenge … but the reward can be great!